CeCe Moore, founder

CeCe Moore, founder of The DNA Detectives is the genetic genealogy consultant for two PBS television series “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” and “Genealogy Roadshow.” Her primary focus is promoting genetic genealogy education and sharing positive stories about the power of genetic genealogy through the media.

Carol Isbister Rolnick

Carol Isbister Rolnick earned her BS in Business from Purdue University. Bitten by the genealogy bug from an early age, Carol discovered an even greater passion for genetic genealogy beginning in the very early days of testing.  The field satisfies her love of science, big data and an insatiable desire help others solve personal mysteries. In addition to her work with The DNA Detectives, Carol has an independent consulting company, Rolnick Research.

Michelle Trostler

Michelle holds a Master’s degree in Sociology from USC and is a PhD candidate at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. Previously Michelle was a database marketer, specializing in emails and combining data from disparate sources to accomplish a marketing goal. This experience has proven to be a great background for the challenges of genetic genealogy and the mounds of data that are needed to break through brick walls.

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