2018 i4GG Conference Sold Out. Stay tuned for recordings from the i4gg 2018 conference

Just since our last conference the popularity and public interest in Genetic Genealogy has seen a formidable explosion. Data bases have mushroomed as Genetic Genealogy has gone from exclusive or elite, to mainstream. This begs the question; what will the next 12 months hold for Genetic Genealogy? How are the testing companies preparing for continued explosive growth? How can we stay on top of the latest advancements in this field, including the most comprehensive and most effective  techniques for the successful application of DNA testing to genealogy available now? This and so much more will be the theme of i4GG 2018.
Hosted by CeCe Moore’s DNA Detectives the i4GG 3-day Genetic Genealogy conference will kick off with a “company” day Friday December 7 when the major DNA testing companies will own the stage. This is followed by two full days December 8 and 9, 2018 in San Diego CA. As is i4GG tradition, the conference will cover the most cutting edge Genetic Genealogy methodologies for any genealogy application, including unknown parentage.
The talks at i4GG will be professionally video recorded and be provided free of charge to those who purchase tickets for all 3 days. For those who opt for one day only, the recordings will be available for purchase at $99 for all videos, or $10 for purchase of individual video recordings.
Newbie or Pro, makes no difference, at i4GG there is something for everyone. i4GG has been called “the most important DNA conference in America” and we will strive to live up to this esteemed repute.

Lectures from the i4gg 2017 conference available here:

The DNA Detectives brought back i4GG 2017 in SAN DIEGO CA December 9 and 10, 2017, 9am to 6pm. The event covered traditional Genetic Genealogy as well as Genetic Genealogy methodologies for unknown parentage. Newbie or expert, this was a great opportunity to learn from the cream of the crop.  The lectures from our 2017 conference will be available online starting March 12, 2018

Lectures from the i4gg 2016 conference available here:


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